Where and Wear | Vacation Wardrobe and Packing Hints

I just booked this summer's vacation for #Halestorm.   I am not going to say where yet, but am choosing to surprise my kids.   In the meanwhile, I need to pack for a city, beach, cultural, food, family friendly vacation.    I really like the J. Crew vacation packing list this summer for reference, and Net-a-Porter's Summer Shop for finds that will make travel that much more fun.


If you think that what you wear doesn’t matter? Then try coordinating your suitcase delivery to all of your far-flung European lodgings after it misses arriving on the Continent when you did. Think that you can wear anything and have a great time no matter what? Then wait until you are turned away from holy sights in Indonesia or Israel because of your bare shoulders of exposed knees. Do you enjoy skipping the first day of sightseeing because you are trying to figure out toiletries, sanitary products, or waiting for your sink-washed underwear to dry? This never has to happen to you again!
— The Pink Frock "Pack it Right"

Packing List for Carry- On

 A pair of jeans {skinny crop is a good choice}

2 t-shirts

1 nice top

Ballet flats

A “great shoe” or boot *

Leggings - flattering and street-worthy



Swim Suit*

Sweatshirt, Cashmere sweater, or Lulu type jacket 

Scarf {this is accessory and wrap}

Under things for 2 days

Sandals and dress {optional} 

Running Clothes {optional} 




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