Where and Wear | Japan

We took an incredible vacation this past summer to Japan.   I am going to spill all of the details in tomorrow's blog post.   First things first though when it comes to vacation.   What are you going to take in your suitcase?   

You might have some ideas about Japanese style.   I wanted to make sure that I had the correct one's before I set my foot in Japan.   Here is a quick primer on what to wear in Japan.  Be modest, polished, and clean.  I saw no cleavage while in Tokyo.   There are hardly any sleeveless tops to be found on women and absolutely no crop tops or short shorts.   I saw elegant day dresses, midi skirts, ballet flats, and refined kitten heels.   I saw many tailored blazers and ruffled blouses.   I saw may culottes which were flirty and appropriate for the humid summer in the Pacific.   Men do not wear shorts.   They also do not have untucked shirts.   It was a pleasure to dress for Japan because I felt like I was amongst my sartorial people.   

I picked a palette (always always always do this) of white, black, ecru, and emerald.   This allows you to pack a coordinated, streamlined wardrobe, without random extra pieces to manage.   It is the secret to getting dressed on a trip and being happy about it. 

Here is a hint though abut jumpsuits though.  Traveling with all men who can quickly use a restroom, wash their hand, and stand around waiting for you under usual circumstances can be leave one feeling rushed.   Wear a jumpsuit while traveling with the same group and you can experience STRIPPING ENTIRELY in order to use the facilities.   Then you can try to button and tie yourself quickly without dipping your clothing on the bathroom floor, while they wait.   You could ALMOST miss a train this way! We didn't ... phew!


Wardrobe Picks for Japan