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Joe's Shanghai | Chinatown

Joe's Shanghai | Chinatown

This week I asked my kids what their favorite summer memories were.   We had so many adventures and beautiful sunny days on the beach, but the highlights of NYC and beach camping stood out among the other cool things like EFY and Havasupai.  One thing that all my kids said was that they loved the FOOD on the #MancationNYC.  This feels like a WIN!   I planned out every morsel of food that we were going to eat and so I'm thrilled that they are still dreaming about it.  The treats and sweets we had are in a separate post here, make sure to check there if you are wanting the best goodies in Manhattan and environs. 

Adrienne’s Pizzabar was the best pizza I will ever have in my life

I loved the food so much

I want to have that steak every day

I want tacos every Sunday

I think that Patsy’s had the best fettuccine with chicken
— #ThingstheMENsay



Want to know where to eat with kids and teens in NYC?  I have you covered!   The MEN and I spent two weeks deep in research in the Big Apple this summer.   We hit all the varieties of food important to young men; a steakhouse, a Jewish Deli, all the bakeries and ice cream factories, dumpling spot, pizza parlors and hot dog carts. 

Here is the list of the best restaurants for kids and teens according to my family:


Peter Luger: Old School Steakhouse in Brooklyn with gruff waiters and bare wooden tables.   When making a reservation with kids, ask to sit upstairs.   This is what I would consider the "family" seating area.   There is a little more space and it is further from the really loud and boisterous down stairs.  

At Peter Luger, the best way to order is steak for the table serving 2, 3, 4 et al.   They bring the perfectly cooked Porterhouses on platters and plate your servings family style.   Order all of the following: wedge salad, creamed spinach, and fries.   They also have a delicious hamburger that tastes like the ground a filet mignon, cooked it, and brought it to you on a bun.   "This hamburger is just soo000 juicy".   Don't forget to order desserts with schlag (whipped cream) such as Key Lime Pie or Apple Strudel.

Joe's Shanghai: SOUP DUMPLINGS! This is what you need to know about Joe's Shanghai is that they have the most delicious hot dumplings filled with either pork or crab and pork with hot savory broth.   I mean it is really hot, like lava hot.  To eat them you first scoop one up in your wide asian-style soup soup and count every second until you can bite into your dumpling.   Then you will feel a rush of the fragrant richly flavored broth rush into your mouth and the tasty dumpling filling and the perfectly cooked wrapper.   We saw the dumpling team at Joe's kneading and shaping balls of dough for the dumplings while we were there.   It was a precise operation.   I can't believe that they make them by hand, it is an art for sure.

Joe's is cash only so make sure you bring a lot because you will want to keep ordering dumplings.   You should also try the scallion pancake- a delicately flavored $3 bite of heaven.   All my kids tried this pancake, and three kids kept on eating and asked for more.   I would also make sure to order the Crispy Jumbo Prawns, Sliced Szechuan Beef, Lo Mein, Chicken Fried Rice, Beef and Broccoli, and steamed rice.   

Seaport Smorgasburg: This is the seasonal outpost of the Smorgasburg concept at the historic Seaport.  Stroll along these Fulton Street vendors and you will not come away hungry.   Offerings include: Cemites El Tigre, Lonestar Empire, Lumpia Shack, Milk Truck, Pizza Moto, Ramen Burger, Red Hook Lobster Pound, and Schnitz. 

Here is what the Hale Family had at Smorgasburg; Lobster Salad, Cheese Pizza, Ramen Burger, A chicken schnitzel sandwich with house pickles, a bunch of hot dogs, diet cokes, and 1000 cups of water because it was so sweltering hot.  In all a delicious lunch stop near the Battery Park Ferry Port and Wall Street. 

Rosa MexicanoThis is not a taco shop, but rather an elegant Mexican fine dining establishment with 30 plus years in the industry.   The Lincoln Center location is a two-story rustic chic spot with great ambience.   The regional and traditional dishes are elevated and delicious while capturing an essence and flavor not found elsewhere.  

We ordered lots of the Guacomole en Mocajete, Pollo Adobado, Quesadillas, Enchiladas Suizas, Tampiquena de Carne Asada.   We also ate pounds of housemate fresh tortillas and chips.   I try to have Taco Sunday once a month for the family and this I feel counts for the next few months because it was so spectacular. 

Adrienne's Pizzabar: I Worte a little about Adrienne's Pizzabar before, but even I underestimated how much the MEN loved it.   They talk about it everyday.   My husband fully agrees with them that it is the best pizza that they have ever eaten.  

We had the old fashioned deep dish pepperoni pizza.   Adrienne's prepares there pizzas on a baking sheet.   It was cheesy, saucey, and just the right thing for hungry kids that have been walking 15 miles a day for two weeks of city exploration.   Adrienne's also has incredible salads like arugula or five leaf.   This is a must stop for families with boys.   Promise promise promise...

Shake Shack: A NYC MUST! What started as a fast-casual modern burger stand has become a New York City destination.   We loved looking out of our window at The Edition New York to see the Madison Square Park location.   If you ask me we had the best location in the city for a family of boys. The ingredients are fresh, real, and non-GMO. 

We had ShakeBurgers, StackBurgers (a 'Shroom patty and a regular patty combined), Flat-top Hot Dogs, Floats, and the Shack Attack Concrete.

The best thing I have ever eaten:

Shack Attack Chocolate custard, fudge sauce, chocolate truffle cookie dough and Mast Brothers Shake Shack dark chocolate chunks, topped with chocolate sprinkles
— #FeedingMen


Patsy'sThis is a NYC institution with over 75 years in the business of making perfectly crusty pizzas fired off in a coal burning oven.  I have eaten at Patsy's every time I have been to NYC I think.   It is an easy, favorite with delicious food.  What my family loved was the fast service, especially after a long day of looking at OLD STUFF at the Museum of Natural History.   They also loved the pasta options.

Here is what we had at Patsy's; margherita pizza, alfredo, and della casa salad.   This is one of the friendliest spots that we ate at in the city.    They went out of their way to make sure the MEN where having a great time. 

We also ate at Le District2nd Ave Deli, and EatalyI will most definitely write about those must-eats soon. 

Enjoy, Amber


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