This Frock Rocks | Father's Day + SuperBrunch + Secret Vacation + more


Father's Day: Happy Father's Day to the man who chose me to have an eternal family with him.   I am still over the moon with joy at this family we started together over 20 years ago when I said I do.   Now we have four men! Count that FOUR MEN to raise.   We have so many responsibilities as parents, but the father of the home has duties all his own.   My heart is full of gratitude for John Hale leading the way for my sons.  

My favorite things about dad is that he takes us skiing.
He is a good dad.
I love when he makes quesadillas
— Henry

SuperBrunch: I wanted to put together a super brunch for Father's Day.   I was going to have 6 men eating it so I knew I need serious eats.   Fruit, ham, scrambled eggs, and then as the real star, the BIG BREAKFAST SANDWICH:

The Big Breakfast Sandwich:  I saw this golden toasted brioche breakfast sandwich so plump with hash browns, thick cut bacon, and a golden yolked fried egg on Instagram.    I chased it down to the source and copied it deliciousness for Father's Day. 

ROYGBIV:  Instagram is my favorite for scoping out tablescapes and gorgeous food.   I also am obsessed with finding rainbow (ROYGBIV: red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, violet) instas.   Here are this weeks favorites. 


Secret Vacation:  I am planning this year's Mancation, but I am keeping it a secret from my kids.   I am giving clues every day to where it is we are going.   Do you think you can guess?   Here they are:

We depart July 3rd

We depart from LAX

Bring a swimsuit

The country is known to have world-class skiing

The LDS Temple in this city was one of the first 30 

It is illegal to declaw a cat in this country 


Brights and Tassels: Summertime calls for clothes that are more fun and brighter that than the rest of the year.   It must be the ROYGBIV obsession but now it is in the clothes.