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This Frock Rocks; six great things shared weekly

Beach Camping:  We took our family to the beach in an RV! We joined up with a bunch of other families on what has become their annual beach retreat and had a blast.   My boys were in the water at 6:00 for dawn patrol surf and body boarding.   My littlest boy scootered up and down the campground in a gang of first graders out to terrorize.   All the boys loved hanging in the motorhome and playing cards and making cup-of-noodle in the microwave. 

While we have had some incredible adventures this summer, our story would not be complete without the beach camping.   My boys are already planning all the things we need to add to next year's packing list to really up the awesome factor.   

  1. More Cup-Of-Noodle
  2. More cases of rootbeer
  3. Netted Easy-up with lots of lanterns to use as a card parlor
  4. Bikes for the entire family
  5. Separate RV for the teenagers
   Henry in the RV headed home


Henry in the RV headed home

Lola Burger:  I made Lola Burgers one day at camp; part breakfast sandwich and part burger.   The idea of lacquered bacon, cheese, eggs, ground sirloin, and an English muffin is really one I couldn't get out of my mind after I read the recipe.   You won't be able to either.   So while I did have smoke in my eyes and ashes in my hair, I did my best to cook as much as I could over our fire.   Lola Burgers are good anytime of day incidentally.   If we are talking about #FeedingMen, my family loved them, which is AWESOME if not rare.  This means I can save the recipe and use it again.  I have to confess this wasn't there favorite food at camp, but it was their favorite thing that I made.

Mom, you have the best food here: Cup-of-Noodle, Oreos, and Dr. Pepper
— #Halestorm

Family Movies- Antman and McFarland USA:  Finding movies for the family is tricky! I have kids from 6 to 16 and there are few movies that appeal to that wide range.   We are also endeavor to pick movies that are uplifting and appropriate.  Hmmm... Sometimes there is really nothing to choose.   This summer is different; think adventure and daring along with heroism. 

We went to Antman one night when we where in Manhattan.   We went to a theater that was only showing it in 3D, so we had the opportunity to pay $107 to take our kids to the movies.   I was mad! Furious! However, Antman is the funniest best movie this summer.   I loved it and they loved it! Go and see it.   It is really a surprise how clever and entertaining it was.   A perfect summer Marvel movie.

McFarland, USA is a story of triumph and family.   This makes it the best kind of movie.   This is a movie to watch all together on an evening in, or lazy weekend afternoon.   The two hours I had with my kids watching McFarland, USA was a priceless piece of time.   

   #Halestorm at Antman in Manhattan


#Halestorm at Antman in Manhattan

Watermelon: We cannot get enough.   We have had bright, juicy, jumbo watermelons all summer.   We eat it in salads, on skewers, or in triangles on the rind.   I have a few watermelon based drinks that I like a lot too.   This weekend's scorching weather is going to call for a lot of cool treats and this recipe takes one minute.   You actually can eat the frozen watermelon plain if you like.   Frozen fruits; watermelon, grapes, bananas are all yummy in hot weather.   

Salted Watermelon Slush


    Frozen cubes of watermelon

Lime Juice

Coconut Water

    Ginger Ale

    Sea salt


Rub the rim of the glass with a slice of lime then dip into a shallow plate or bowl of sea salt to salt the rim. 

In a blender pulse together watermelon, lime juice, and coconut water.   Blend with additional ice if you like it really slushy. Pour into a glass

Top with ginger ale and serve with an oversize straw or spoon.




Flare Jeans:  This Frock Rocks wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention the clothes that I have been eyeing lately.   Let's be honest about flared jeans; I never left them.   They are back but not to me because I have always loved them and so has VICTORIA BECKHAM and KARLIE KLOSS.   Yes, the three of us have always loved flared jeans.   It is important to point out that this is the most flattering silhouette of jean ever created.   If you want to look lean and on point then a flare is the way.   So, while I have been the kids ready for school to start, I have dropped a few new flared pretties into my cart.   

Elaine Bradley:  As part of the going back to school, we spend time in our family talking about what our goals for the year look like.   We talk about our values, what real friendship looks like, peer pressure, and the snares of social media.  We often tell our kids that standing up for the right thing will not always be the fun, popular, or cool answer to life's problems.   In fact, there are going to be many times when they will stand alone in keeping their values like: observing the sabbath day, not drinking, and no Rated-R movies. 

It is important for kids to see their parents and other adults standing up for what is good and right in the world. The story of Elaine Bradley is a great one for teenagers to see as they begin to navigate the world more on their own.   She appeared the other day on Seth Meyers performing with her band Neon Trees.   This woman is incredible! She is pregnant with her 3rd child, is a returned missionary for the Mormon church, is a platinum-winning drummer, and took a national stage with a "PORN KILLS LOVE" t-shirt.   She later took to instagram to explain that she is supporting "FIGHT THE NEW DRUG", the anti-porn campaign established in 2008.  I adore this woman for fighting against the scourge of pornography.   

What I love about Elaine Bradley is that she makes decisions that are often ones that aren't easy, popular, or the cool thing to do.   She stands up for her beliefs and for righteous principals.  Her video is very sweet and gives a little background to her testimony.    


* For a bonus, here is a link to another awesome " I'm a Mormon" video from Brandon Flowers of The Killers.