The Good Stuff | White Platters and Plates

WHITE PLATTERS: I learned a secret a long time ago that food looks better on white dishes. Even if you don't cook, you can put a nice rotisserie chicken and roasted potatoes on a white platter and it will look like Thanksgiving.   I replaced my blue banded Villeroy dishes that I got for my wedding with all white Apilco.   I would have to say that every meal looks 1000% better on white.   I have carried on the dish cupboard remodeling to the serveware: all white.   The best party I have ever had at my house really looked that much better because of the clean white tabletop. 

Meals look clean, inviting, and like they came out of a Williams-Sonoma Catalog (see photo above).  When food is served in smaller, darker vessels or heaven forbid TUPPERWARE then any efforts you have made to prepare a meal are negated.   Green beans in a dark bowl?  Plastic serve ware?    Plastic and small bowls are like you are putting the dog's dish on the table.   Don't do it.   Also, skip the Costco size condiments in plastic bottles too.   Decant larger bottles into small white finger bowls or glass bottles for dinner.  I promise these few tweeks and white, white, white,  is the way to go on the tabletop.   For other ideas on setting a fabulous table, follow my Pinterest board dedicated to table settings. 


Posted on August 28, 2015 and filed under #FrockProjects.