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#MancationNYC - I finally took my kids to New York City, and it turned out to be the perfect time to do it.   The boys are now 6, 10, 14, and 16, all ages that can enjoy the hustle of a city vacation.    I call it a "Mancation" because when you take four sons on the road it isn't likely to be a retail + arts-centric get-away. My mom went with us for the first few days. I prepared her for a trip that would be unlike our girls trips to NYC with lunch and shopping at Saks, warehouse sales, makeup sessions at Bloomingdales and fine dining. 

Rather, we were headed out to do manly stuff; hi-rises, boats, ferries, body surfing, doughnuts.   I am sure you get the idea. So, our #MancationNYC included the Big Apple out to the the Hamptons, and back. It was an incredible get-away that I will never forget.   I hope the boys don't forget either, because so much work and awesomeness should be celebrated.   You can read a few more details on my last WHERE and WEAR post, my last #FeedingMen post,  and of course I posted some of the highlights on my Instagram.  

Rosa Mexicano Guacamole- A must share trip detail is that we ate dinner at Rosa Mexicano.   Since we are San Diego natives we love to have Mexican food.   It had been a week or more since our last taco so we needed somewhere delicious that wouldn't disappoint.   Well, we found it and so glad we did.   Their guacamole is reputed to be the "best ever"  and it actually was!   Here is the recipe so you can try for yourself. 


Rosa Mexicano Guacamole


    ◦    1/4 cup finely chopped white onion 

    ◦    1 tablespoon finely chopped cilantro 

    ◦    1 jalapeño, seeded and minced 

    ◦    1 medium avocado, - hass 

    ◦    1 small tomatoes, chopped 

    ◦    salt 



    1    Combine half the jalapeño, half the cilantro and half the onions in a food processor. Add about 1/2 tsp salt and pulse into a smooth paste. Transfer to a bowl. 

    2    Add avocado to onion mixture and combine while smashing the avocado. 

    3    Add remaining ingredients and salt to taste. 

    4    Let sit for a little while to let the flavors develop.jalapeño

New Cookbooks- I spent some time at Eataly NYC; eating pasta and gelato, and shopping the cookbooks.  Imagine it to be like a candy store but for cooks. I have added the Rosa Mexicano cookbook to my list of must buys.  Here is the rest of the list. The Prune Cookbook, informative, bossy, low on prose, but filled with the recipes that keep bringing people back to Prune,. The Fat Radish - a vegetable-focused cookbook from an elegant NYC restaurant with a focus on fine ingredients and eating well, and Ruby Violet's Ice Cream Dreams, a manual that will teach one how to turn homemade ice cream efforts into show stopping desserts.  I am certain that these new additions will keep me busy as #ThePinkSmock all through the Fall. 

Governor's Island - One of our family's favorite spots on the entire trip was Governor's Island National Monument.   I hadn't known anything about this historical gem until a few days before the trip when a friend told me about her day there.   It sounded like it would be a good way to spend some time in a more relaxed manner than other NYC sites.  This adventure turned out to be one of the top experiences of the entire trip.  It is a former military fortification that has been turned into an oasis for art and play.   It has a hammock garden, playgrounds, and acres of grass and bike paths. The former military barracks and fortress are important reminders of the island's history and make for great scenery as you explore.    Governor's Island is accessed by a short ferry ride for $2 for riders 12 and up.   Bike rental on the island is free from 10 to 12 on weekdays.   Views of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty are free as well.   My family spent exactly 8 dollars to have an island to ourselves.   We raced our bikes, the husband did wheelies, the boys did "parkour" on bikes, and we laughed A LOT!  

Best Blowouts- New York City heat and humidity were really harsh on my hair.  If these reasons weren't enough, I also have hair OCD and love to have a great blowout.  Since all the other details of the trip were my responsibility it felt like the right thing to do to pass the hair work to someone else.   I took a little time away from the MEN to have my hair handled by the industry experts.   Drybar  had a location near our apartment in the Gramercy Park/Flatiron District.   My mom and I took the short walk to hair paradise and turned our grimy citified hair over to the pros.   It only takes one whiff of the Drybar shop to know that you are in good hands.   That clean laundry-lemon-yumminess tells visitors that clean and glossy hair is on the way.   45 minutes late we left with perfectly scrubbed, treated, glossed hair ready for the city elements. 

My next hair hospital visit was for beachy salty dried hair I had in the Hamptons.    I went to HairstreamNYC at the Capri Hotel in Southampton.  This refined mobile hair salon is stationed at the Capri for the summer.   It's celebrity stylist owners Ric Pipino and Gil Haziza have created a boudoir-inspired atmosphere for women that focuses on perfect hair and individual attention.   I started out with my first ever keratin treatment.   This isn't your old school three days of greased hair until you wash it.   This was a miracle keratin that penetrated my hair quickly and when it was blownout looked silky and polished.   I also had a bit of a haircut, nothing major but some strategic trimming, and here are some words to describe the outcome; BLOW MY MIND, GORGEOUS, WOW, LIFE IS GOOD.  The blowout was perfection on top of it all.   I wish I had taken a few more pictures of the hair at the end of the trip because it looked fantastic for days without even brushing it.   This is HairstreamNYC MAGIC! 

All Blanc- It defies logic but I wanted to wear white every day on the trip.   Subways, UBER cars, park benches are all enemies to white.   Regardless of the city hazards I wore a lot of white.  Here are some of my favorite white t-shirts and poplins for summer.   It just seems like a shame to miss out on wearing it when the days are long and sunny and your are tan.