#FeedingMen | The Perfect Cheese Platter

Don't want to cook dinner in the summer, me neither.   I much prefer to lay on the beach with my kids while combing through the pages of Pinterest for inspiration. We are doing really simple dinners lately in the home for summer.   The MEN are happy to have ramen noodles every night, but I insist on it not being EVERY night.  Tonight it is steaks on the grill (for the MEN) and a board with a few cheeses, fruit, bread and crackers.   

I happen to love a great cheese and charcuterie tray.   You can download my cheat sheet for success here.   Enjoy some a few inspirational photos that I found.


Cheese and Charcuterie Tray

When laying out your meat and cheese selection, you can serve the meat and cheese together  or arrange them on two separate platters. 


Place sweet garnishes (e.g. dried pineapple, apricots, honey) next to the salty cheeses; and pickles, cornichons, olives and other acidic accompaniments next to the meats.


Nuts pair especially well with cheese. A drizzle of honey makes them the perfect partner for salty cheeses, in particular.


a dry-cured meat

a cooked sausage

a dry-cured sausage 


a soft cheese 

a blue cheese 

a hard/sharp cheese 


fresh or dried figs

dried apricots

almonds or pecans (candied or original)

dried cranberries


fig jam

aged balsamic vinegar


fresh pears


bourbon chicken-liver pate




dried pineapple


sliced baguette

water crackers




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