This Frock Rocks | Potatoes a la Plancha + Mexico + Flouncy Top + More

Summer is off to a great start.   My teenagers were away the first week at EFY; meeting friends, building their testimonies, and finding young love.   Then this past week Brittain went on a High Adventure trip to Havasupai.  He decided to practice wearing his backpack in the backyard after running into a group of hot teenage girls out in front of the house.  

Dieter and crew returned to Fulcrum Surf Camp for the 4th year in a row.   They took a little time after surfing to roll around in wet sand, coat their bodies with it, and bake it on in time to get into my car and go home.   Summer beach is the best but not in my car.

I found a great top that I think rocks! I think that a flouncy top and flare jeans is the best outfit anyone could put together and is a quintessentially "Amber" type outfit.  If I were going back to school in August this would be my FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL OUTFIT.

I have a potato recipe that I adapted from something I read in Bon Appetit a couple of year's ago.  The recipe came from a renowned beach spot in southern Uruguay called La Huella.  They are always delicious, and I love how they complete a meal.  I made them for Father's Day last week (remember the Crack Saltine Ice Cream Sandwiches?) and it was a better response than ever.  

These are my favorite potatoes
How did you know that I would love these today
I am so full but I can’t stop eating
I have to stop eating but I am mad about it
This is the best Father’s Day meal I have ever had
Actually this is the best meal I have ever had
— #ThingstheMENsay


Smashed Roasted Potatoes


2 pounds Yukon Gold Potatoes - boiled

Sea Salt

Cracked Black Pepper

Olive Oil


When the potatoes are still warm from boiling them, I lay them on a cookie sheet.   I place another heavy cookie sheet on top and smoosh and smash them down.   You can also smash them one at a time under a heavy plate or pan.  Then I take the potatoes and place them in an oiled cast iron skillet or on a plancha or grill.   The oiled skins will crisp and darken, you will smell the buttery potato smell of the Yukon Gold, and it is time to turn them.   Repeat on the other side (it is approximately 5 minutes per side).   Do not scorch! You can drizzle with more olive oil as desired and salt and pepper to taste. 

Serve on a gorgeous platter so that they look like WOW!


On the note of Potatoes a la Plancha, I have been daydreaming about Mexico and mexican food.   I was reminiscing about a trip we took to Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago.   It is probably time to go back.   See more details here.

If your locks aren't as flow and glossy in the summer as you would like you could try this dirty hair style I have adopted.   The "Bed head bun" is perfect for those long days with kids when the pool is your bath, you ate dinner in a swim suit, and #momstyle still needs to be a style.