This Frock Rocks | Crack Ice Cream Sandwiches + Istanbul + White Jeans + More

This Frock Rocks; six great things shared weekly

This week was a busy start to summer with so many great things happening.  Here is a quick review. I made Crack Ice Cream Sandwiches for Father's Day.  A friend of mine calls my cooking projects #thepinksmock, so watch for that reference in my mutterings. It seems to be a perfect fit for the ideas I hatch in the kitchen.  

 I dreamed about going back to Istanbul for our summer vacation, but this time with #Halestorm.

I found a new pair of white jeans that are going to be better than any pair I have ever had before.

We started down the list of #BestRestos2015 in San Diego including VG Donuts and SuperNatural Sandwiches. This is an exciting part of my #FeedingMen project, which is simply exposing my family to great quality, great variety, interesting, and delicious food.

I took my two littlest boys to the beach, the movies, to GetAir, and a few other spots.  We really needed a lot of fun while the big brothers were at EFY.

Lastly, I sorted through our pictures from our #SecretKona trip over memorial day when we surprised our kids with a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.