#FrockProjects | Lights! Camera! Action!

I am in the process of renovating-refreshing-revising my home.   I can't say exactly which it is.   I may end up with a little mini-remodel as well.    I have a home that has aged and not in a great vintage way, in more of a suburban boring dull way; splotchy oxidized paint, underpowered and underwhelming light fixtures, worn down furniture.   

I didn't know how much work it was going to be and I never predicted the slow pace of it.   I am trying to take my time and be very thoughtful in the process.   One thing I am excited to change is lighting.   My home was designed as a "tuscan Calvin Klein" idea; clean lines, warm colors, and texture added with natural fibers and other details.    My home had minimalist lamps and very simple light fixtures.    I am trying to pace myself and not throw up a giant crystal chandelier in every room just because I can.    I have heard that chandeliers are the jewelry of the home and I believe that is true.

I have also just discovered that Amazon has 1 billion gorgeous pendant lights and Chandeliers.   I could have my entire house lit up by tomorrow night if I really wanted.   

Posted on June 18, 2015 and filed under #FrockProjects.