I have a background in personal shopping and in International Relations - Nuclear Policy.  I am also raising four manly men and keeping the flame alive with the husband of my dreams.  I felt a need to have an outlet that was all mine.

The Pink Frock is a creative endeavor that I started in 2009.   I had wanted a project that would allow me to do all the things that are important to me; raising my family, being a present and happy wife, reading books about foreign policy, cooking great food, and keeping an eye on style.

#Halestorm- My family comes first and I am happy to give them space on the blog.   Brittain (18), Thomas (16), Grant (a.k.a Dieter - 12), and Henry (8) along with my husband, John are all going to be a part of this digital journal.

#FeedingMen-is what I have named my endeavors of cooking for my family.  I have always loved good food and love to entertain.  I want to cook new, different, fancy, wholesome dishes every night but I have four sons. I have tried since they were born to have hearty, healthy, great food for them and they are still so picky.  I am determined to raise foodies!

#FrockProjects- are my styling projects with clients, experiments around the house, and other workings.